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Mixed vases sweet and sassy

Posted on Aug 21, 2015 by in Food table decor, Guest table decor, Room table decor, Small room decor | 0 comments

wood slice with vases

Glass vases of all shapes and sizes $20 for 35-plus

Faux milk glass vases $15 for 24
These two collections of mixed vases have you covered for your shabby chic affair! We’ve got 50 or more glass vases, and a couple dozen faux milk glass. Mix and match them, and use them for a bunch of wildflowers. It’s a look that’s simple and sweet.

We planned on two clear glass vases one faux milk glass vase per guest table at our reception, plus a couple of extra vases to use however we needed them. As it turned out, our florist had extra flowers and we had extra vases, so she kept filling them until she ran out. We used every single vase. No shabby chic affair is complete without an “air” of floral perfection.

The eclectic look of different sized/shaped vases is easy to achieve and creates a great canvas on which to paint the rest of your wedding reception.

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