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Sophisticated chic mercury glass

Posted on Jan 20, 2017 by in Food table decor, Guest table decor, Room table decor, Small room decor | 4 comments

shabby chic mercury glass

Five gorgeous mercury glass vases for flowers or candles $25

48 votives $20

These elegantly chic mercury glass beauties will glam up your room, chic up your shabby! They are perfect for whole bunches of flowers or big bright candles. Ranging from 7-12 inches in height.

These vases are all from Z Gallerie. If you went to buy them, it would cost you literally hundreds of dollars. These are so pretty, they brighten up any spot. They look great stuffed with white mums, or glowing with a large candle. I have just enough to create continuity between your tables. I love using them for floral arrangements on food tables. You can put them on risers (covered nesting boxes) to make sure they’re seen.

It’s also really fun to display them all together. Because each vase is different, you can line them up on a shelf, a divider wall, an entry way, or a head table and you’ll create a stunning effect.

Willing to share all this mercury glass for a great price!


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  1. How can I buy these from you?

  2. or rent them!

  3. I only rent them out. You can let me know if you’d like to come by and see them. Contact me at 602-622-0ne seven seven four.

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