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Teal wedding decor that is so chic!

Posted on Jan 25, 2017 by in Food table decor, Guest table decor, Room table decor, Small room decor | 0 comments

Teal wedding collection

Teal wedding decor, 15 pc., to set off your sweet teal design theme $25

These adorable accessories, from one-of-a-kind birdhouse to candlesticks and an antique sewing machine case will help create a stunning design on your reception tabletops. They can be used on sign in, gift, sweetheart and food tables for just the right touch!

When you’re throwing in wedding accessories, less is more. You can place these decorative pieces throughout your reception. How about a birdhouse and a framed mirror on your sign-in table…a teal sewing machine “trunk” on your gift table…some teal candlesticks on your sweetheart table, and any of these beauties sprinkled across your food tables? Against a backdrop of white mums and yellow ranunculas, you’ll only need a few teal pieces to stand out.

If you need some subtly teal wedding decor, grab these quick!


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