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Glass pedestals

Posted on Feb 24, 2017 by in Food table decor, Room table decor | 0 comments

Pedestals made with goblets and plates for any dessert bar

Glass pedestals created with platters, goblets, more platters and more goblets $25 for 18 pcs.

Take a beautiful platter, add an upside-down glass goblet, another platter, another goblet, and a third platter and you have a unique serving piece with your personal imprint!

We’ll give you a collection of 6-10 platters, 4-6 goblets and a few extras thrown in for good measure. Add a couple of pinches of putty between layers, and your dessert table, or sandwich bar will be as fun as it is functional!

You can add vintage plates (we have some), colorful plates of your own, upside down teacups (we’ve got some of those too), and even smaller dessert-sized plates. The sky (or the stackability) is the limit!

These glass pedestals will be a standout at any reception..

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