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Tinted blue Mason jars

Posted on Mar 13, 2017 by in Food table decor, Guest table decor, The idea gallery | 0 comments

Tinted blue Mason jars $12 for 20

If you like mixing and matching, here’s the thing: tinted blue Masons. These lightly tinted quart-sized Mason jars will make a statement, yes, but it’s worded softly. They go with other masons, with other vases, with anything sweet and sassy.

You can throw in a candle for a soft glow, fill them with bunches of baby’s breath, or simply put them next to your floral display. This is the simple way to do table decor. Think ecclectic! Add styles. Defy simple descriptions.

These tinted blue Mason jars can be paired with our plain, jute-tied jars, our burlap-wrapped jars, our clear vases and our milk glass. They can be tucked into nooks and crannies, set atop suitcases and gathered in multiples of three’s or fives. Need I say more?.

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