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Shabby chic table with side pockets

Posted on Apr 12, 2017 by in Food table decor, Small room decor | 0 comments

Table for stacking

Shabby chic table with side pockets $16

Wood birdcage $16

This shabby chic side table can hold a lamp, some gifts, candy for a candy bar, or be stackable on food tables with an array of delectables! It’s 22″ high, and 26″ x 13″ front to back.

The side “pockets” create a hundred different possibilities. How about filling each side with rolls, and filling the top and inside shelf with an array of sandwich makings. Or filling up the sides with candy and adding in a scoop, then adding 4-5 other jars for a candy bar? It’s a great shabby chic table sidekick for your gift table. Just set it off to the side, with or without a lamp, and it’s one adorable storage space for extra gifts.

The table is big enough for stand-alone use, or you can stack it on a food table or other table to display photographs and sentimental items. You can place it literally anywhere in a reception hall, like right next to your receiving line. Add a beautiful bouquet plus some fancy framed photos, and voila! A super nice touch!


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