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Hinged chicken wire wedding backdrop

Posted on Apr 24, 2017 by in Large room decor, Rustic reception | 4 comments

Vintage hinged gate

Hinged wedding backdrop 78″ wide x 72″ tall with rustic touch $25

This sweet and rustic hinged door with chicken wire inserts will set a fun loving tone at your wedding reception. Just wrap it in some burlap and lace, hang a sign on it, dangle some photos from it. The possibilities are endless.

Here are some possible uses: as a wedding backdrop for the line, as a catch-all for wedding photos or advice for the bride and groom,  as a backdrop for gifts….you do the creative thinking and this framed gate will be your best friend!.


  1. Hi! I love this idea and want to do it for $25, could you give me detailed instructions please?

  2. We’re a DIY wedding site, as in do-it-yourself weddings. We’re not a DIY wedding prop site. I’d suggest going to Pinterest or some similar site for instructions on making vintage furniture/accessories. I didn’t make the hinged screen, but it is simply wood, chicken wire and hinges. Good luck! Should you need to rent items like the screen, let us know!

  3. Is the $25 price a rental fee or sale price?

  4. It’s a rental fee. It’s quite a big backdrop, and a unique piece. If you rent a few items, I’ll throw in extras.

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