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Wooden spool table

Posted on Jul 24, 2017 by in Large room decor, Rustic reception | 0 comments

Rustic wedding decor

Wooden spool table, $20

This wooden spool table is described alternatively as sweet, rustic, cool, vintage, and of course, as a piece with lots of character.

Throw a doily or lace scarf over it and put a vase of flowers on it, and voila! It’s sweet and elegant.

Put a tin tub with liquid refreshments on ice on top and it’s super rustic.

Stack a couple of suitcases on it, topped with your favorite carved, fring-ey lamp and it’s vintage.

It’s perfect for a reception hall entry, for special photos or food items, or for displaying your favorite nick-nacks.

This wooden spool table says volumes, without ever speaking up!.

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