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Ornate shabby chic chalkboard

Posted on Aug 15, 2017 by in Food table decor, Large room decor | 0 comments

wedding reception decor

Chalkboard, shabby chic’d 47″ x 34″ $25 with large wrought iron easel

This bodacious chalkboard will welcome guests, hold a menu, or carry a love poem. It rests on an easel and is big enough to stand alone and stand pretty!

A chalkboard this grand is hard to find. It’s ornate, but shabby. It’s versatility is its best feature. You can easily move it around the room if you need it for double duty. You can literally use this for messages anywhere inside or outside the reception hall. A slightly smaller chalkboard, still bodaciously-sized, is $25.

If you need double duty, I’ve got a second chalkboard, nearly as grand and super shabby-chic’d. Size: 37″ x 32″.
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