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Wedding reception table

Posted on Sep 8, 2017 by in Large room decor, Room table decor, Small room decor | 0 comments

Shabby chic accessories

Shabby chic wedding reception table with sweet detail $25

This sweet shabby chic wedding reception table is 41″ of sheer chic-ness. It’s got details right down to its feet that sweeten the look. It’s perfect for a sign in table, a gift table, a cake table, a sweetheart table. It’s got all the right lines.

It’s shabby chic enough for a slightly rustic look, yet sweet enough for a more refined wedding and reception. Depending on what you stack on it, you can make it dazzling, elegant, sweet or even twangy. It’s a piece you can’t do without!

So here are some ideas: place a bodacious vase brimming with flowers, and a bunch of fun nic nacs on your table. How about an elegant platter with a glass dome, or a sweet floral tease? A bird cage, Mason jars or votives? This table is truly a canvas waiting for definition.


If you’re planning a DIY Shabby Chic Wedding Gilbert, Arizona; or a Vintage Wedding Phoenix, AZ; or need Shabby Chic Wedding Centerpieces Mesa, AZ; or Wedding Decor Scottsdale, Arizona, we’ve got a collection of uniquely chic’y decor. From Sweetheart Tables to Cake Tables, Wedding Sign In Tables and Gift Tables, we’ve got you covered. Don’t pay top dollar at a rental company and don’t do it alone. Our objective is to help all you DIYers put on a wedding reception economically, yet with style.

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